Our Team

Dr. Andreea Badea (Early Modern History)

Andreea Badea (PhD in History 2007, University of Bayreuth,) was a member of the DFG-funded research group on 'Decisionmaking and Recruitment for Key Socio-Political Positions' within the Chair of Early Modern History at Goethe University Frankfurt before joining the KFG. She publishes on the histories of knowledge and institutions, the history of ideas, and early modern confessional cultures. She is also preparing a second book on truth claims and cognitive authority in the attitudes of the Roman curia towards the emerging discipline of church history in the long 17th century.

Dr. Bruno Boute (Early Modern History)

Bruno Boute (PhD in History 2003, University of Louvain) researches university history, religious history, histories of the papacy and Roman curia, and the history of censorship. He is currently at work on a monograph about the dynamic plurality of Catholic knowledge cultures and penance in the dealings of the Roman Inquisition with Catholic Puritanism in the Spanish Netherlands (1660-1700). He is also developing a project on papal governance and administration as a surprising treasure trove for understanding the ways in which the Roman curia (a multifaceted centre) was moulded by global peripheries, rather than the other way around.

Prof. Dr. Birgit Emich (Director, Early Modern History)


Birgit Emich (PhD 1999, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Habilitation 2002, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg) is Professor of Early Modern History in the History Department at Goethe University Frankfurt. Focusing on early modern Catholicism, her research explores a range of topics including informal and formal governance, Roman bureaucracy and nepotism, and the histories of canonisation and sainthood. She and her team are investigating 17th-century papal governance, legal procedures, and bureaucracy as important production sites for plural Catholicisms in the global early modern era.

Dr. Bernd Andreas Vest (Medieval History)


Bernd Andreas Vest (PhD in Oriental Studies 2001, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz) is currently one of four investigators for the POLY Research Group within the Chair for the History of the Middle Ages II at Goethe University Frankfurt. He focuses on historical topics in the fields of Eastern Christian and Byzantine Studies, working primarily with Syriac, Arabic, Greek, and Armenian sources. He has published an extensive study of the history of the city and region of Melitēnē (Malatya) and, with Klaus-Peter Todt, has co-authored the first historical topography of Northern Syria: the 2014 Tabula Imperii Byzantini (TIB) 15 Syria.

Prof. Dr. Dorothea Weltecke (Co-Director 2020-2021, Associate Fellow, Medieval History)


Dorothea Weltecke (PhD 2000, Free University of Berlin) was one of the directors of the Research Group before accepting a call as Professor of European Medieval History at the History Department of the Humboldt University Berlin. She still supervises the projects Topography of Oriental Christianities and is PI of the Project Latin and Eastern Christianities: Comparisons and Networks. Her work focuses on medieval transcultural and transreligious encounters, the comparative history of religious pluralism, and the history of Christianity. She is also interested in religious deviance and religious violence. Her distinctive, integrated approach to the histories of various Eastern and Latin Christianities combines Semitic philology with methods from medieval studies. She aims to replace traditional narratives of church history (in which Eastern Christians are framed as deviations from the norm) with a postcolonial and polycentric model of medieval history. Weltecke and her team study the religious, topographical, and social entanglements of a multi-confessional medieval world (e.g. Jews and Muslims in the Latin Christian world, Christians and Jews in Islamic societies, etc.).


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