Lectures International Cultural History of Tax Morale

Lectures in preparation:

27th Octobre 2020

Colloquium Modern and Recent History University Basel Steuererziehung. Staatliche Kampagnen in Spanien und der BRD, 1945-1985
March 2021 (original date March 2020)  ESSHC Leiden Tax Morale: the Historiographical Examination of Norms on Tax Payment after Boom (1975-1985

Past Lectures:

12th September 2020

Conference "Morality and Economy", University Rethymno/Crete (digital)

Do we really have to pay our taxes honestly? Discourses in U.S. American, Spanish and West German business ethic publications in the 1950

 26th-27th March 2020  

Goethe-University Frankfurt

Digital Workshop: Not paying taxes. Tax evasion, tax avoidance and tax resistance in historical perspective. The Panel discussion at 26th March unfortunately had to be canceled. Link

 4th March 2020  

Heidelberg Center for American Studies

Panel discussion: Trust in the USA. Annual conference of the  Association for Social Policy (Verein für Socialpolitik), Committee for Economic History

22th January 2020 University Freiburg

Tay Morales. Comparison between Spain and the FRG between the 1940s and the 1980s. Steuermoral.

12th-13th September 2019 Uppsala Tax Morale: Norms and values on tax payment in the FRG after boom (1975-1985). Workshop “White-collar crime in financial history”

6th September 2019

University Bern Tax Morale as research topic. The "Office for Empirical Research on Social Economics" Cologne in the 1950s and 1960s. Workshop: Taxes and Inequality/Fiscalité et inégalités

24th June 2019

 University of Cologne, Colloquium for Modern History  

Cultural History of tax morale in the FRG in the 1980s

5th June 2019

 Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Colloquium for Modern History  

"...that the majority of taxpayers grasp every opportunity to escape from the increasingly unbearable burden". Norms and Values on Tax Payment in Western Germany after World War II

24th/25th May 2019

Humboldt University of Berlin, Workshop on Spanish History of the 19th/20th century

Tax Morale. The discourse on (honestly) paying taxes in Spain between the 1940s and 1980s


20th March 2019

Congress for Economic History, University of Regensburg

Tax Moral. Data in the Discourses in West Germany in the 1980s

28th January 2019

Goethe University Frankfurt, joint Colloquium for Modern History/ for Economic and Social History

Writing a history of tax moral? Methodological Considerations

7th December 2018

Université Lumière Lyon 2, UFR d'Economie-Gestion

Tax Morale in History

9th July 2018

University of Augsburg, Colloquium for Modern History

International Cultural History of Tax Morale

4th July 2018

Humboldt University of Berlin, Colloquium for Social- und Economic history

International History of Tax Morale

13th June 2018

Institute for Social Research, Hamburg

Tax Moral. An International Cultural History

10th August 2017

MPI for Public Finance, Munich

Tax Moral. A Research Project

31th July 2017

Historisches Kolleg, Munich: Annual Meeting of the Interdisciplinary Workgroup Tax History

Tax Moral. An International Cultural History

12th July 2017

Ludwig Maximilian University Munich (LMU), Research Colloquium on Contemporary History

Tax Moral. An International Cultural History

9th May 2017

LMU, joint Colloquium for Critical Analysis of Society (Sociology)/ for Political Theory (Political Sciences)

Tax Moral. International Discourses on Social Inequality in Historical Perspective